What is WordPress and how to use it?

As we Know many people are using blog across world. The wordpress is very powerful thing for writing blogs. As we know if We use html codes for writing blogs then it become very difficult to do it even you have good knowledge about html codes. So to avoid this difficulties you can use wordpress. you can write blog easily even you don’t have knowledge about html codes. Also it provide many interesting things like you can easily insert images, PDF in your post. The most interesting thing is that for each post you get a comment box to get feedback from readers.

WordPress Features

1) Add post:-

As you can see in above image through this option you can easily write a new post and you can easily add this post in any category you want. wordpress also allow you to add media to your post like image, youtube video, pdf etc. you can easily edit this post whenever you want to edit.

2) Categories:-

Through this option you can create your own category. For example you can in this website i add a category earning. so you can create multiple categories for your website. also you can change the category name and delete any particular category whenever you want

3) Media:-

This option allow you to add media like image, video , YouTube video, PDF etc. in your website.

4) Appearance:-

This option provide 7 different features like Themes, Customize,Widgets, Menu, Header, Background and Mobile
Through This option you can easily select the theme which is best for your website. There are many free and paid themes you can select any theme and activate it.
Through this option you can easily customize your selected theme like color of theme, font of theme etc.
This is also a most important feature of  wordpress through which you can easily add interesting features like Facebook page like widget, twitter widget, About me Widget and many interesting widgets.
This is also a important part of any website through menu option you can easily add your own menu and also you can also arrange it anytime you want.
By use of this option you can add Header to your website and also you can arrange color and size of header.
By using this option you  can change the background color or you can add any image as background.
As we know Whenever we create our website by writing html code then main problem arise when we open our website in mobile because it look totally different from what it look in desktop. so to make your website mobile friendly you can use this option and activate mobile version of your website.

5) Plugins:-

By use of this option you can easily add plugins to your blog like Facebook like page plugin, Follow me on twitter plugin etc.
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