3 Proven Way to Make Money from Google Adsense

How To Earn From Google Adsense

You can easily earn money through Google Adsense. I will show you 3 proven way to make money from Google Adsense. If you have a website with good traffic and quality contents then Adsense is the right Choice to start making money. In this blog, I am going to explain important facts related to Google Adsense which will help you to monetize your content online.

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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a service launched by Google in order to provide users with quality ads to make their earning better. Google Adsense serves with the wide variety of advertisement for any website and provides the better user interface to manage ads to be shown on the site. It helps website owners to earn money by placing ads on their website.

Three Methods TO Earn From Google Adsense

These are the 3 Methods through which you can earn money with Google Adsense:-

1) Google AdSense for Content

Google provide you Ads unit of different size. You can place this ads unit to your website and whenever anyone clicks on that ads you will get paid. so this is the best way to earn from your website. But remember don’t try to click on your own ads because google always tracks you with intelligence feature. so I recommend you that you don’t click on your own ads.

2) Google AdSense for Search

This is an another way to earn from google. google give you some code through which you can place a search box on your website. when anyone search anything using that search box you will get paid.

You can easily earn money through Google Adsense. If you have a website with good traffic and quality contents then Adsense is the right Choice to start making money.In this blog I am going to explain important facts related to Google Adsense which will help you to monetize your content online.

 Last But Most Popular & Useful  Method:-


3) Become Google Referral

Another way to earn from google is that you can refer users to your website to user google products like Adsense, Adwords etc. if any user signup using your referral than you can earn money from google.

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  2. First of all i want to thank you for such an awesome post.

    I have a Google Adsense account (approved one) since 5-6 years now. Though I have not been able to moetize it much as I had to go away from the blogging scene due certain reasons, but now I am back.

    I have a question – I have started 2 blogs and am trying post regularly on those and I am also fighting hard to get traffic on them. In addition to these 2, I have one casual blog where I post one quote a day and I see that I get some 100 visits on that blog (it is on Blogspot and visits are given by Blogspot only) – but the same stats are not reflected in my Adsense account. And, the dollars earned are still at the level they were before restarting of my blogging.

    I did check if Adsense is penalizing me – results were negative. My account is not being penalized. My CPCs CTRs, etc. all are so very close to ZERO.

    It is like nothing is happening only on the monetization front.

    Can you please help me about this – how shall I see if things are in sync with each other? I would really need some close help, if that is possible for you.

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  6. Google Adsense and Adwords also has referral system? I never knew this. Will look into it. Thanks for the info.

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