How To Protect WiFi From Hackers

How To Protect Wifi From Hackers

We know that Securing a wireless network is very important because if you don’t, your neighbors can not only borrow your Internet connection but also access your files and check up on what you’re doing. Even worse, hackers can use your internet connection to upload illegal materials, that can be dangerous for you. So to avoid such problems I’ll show you how to protect your WiFi using MAC Address.

By use of this awesome trick, No one can connect to your WiFi even he know your WiFi password. Only the devices whose MAC Address you store in this method can connect to your WiFi.

For Doing this task follow these steps :-

Step 1:-

Go To browser and open your WiFi modem URL like and enter your username and password then click on login button.


Step 2:-

A new window appear, now click on Interface Setup.


Step 3:-

Now click on Wireless option appear on top of the page.


Step 4:-

Scroll down and click on the active button then enter the MAC Address of all device you want to allow access  to your Wifi and click on save button.


IF You’ll Follow these steps then no one can connect to your WiFi even then know your WiFi Password. Only the devices whose MAC address you store can connect to your WiFi.
Watch This small video to better understand this concept.

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