How to Schedule Your Post in WordPress?

How To Schedule Your Post In WordPress

Do you know? that WordPress has a really cool hidden feature to Schedule WordPress Post. Most of the beginner don't know this awesome feature. In this article, I will give you Step by Step guide on How to Schedule Your Post in WordPress.

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Reason to Schedule Post in WordPress

Suppose you know that in next week or next month you'll busy in other work. and in that day, you will not have sufficient time to write and post articles for your blog. Then, this WordPress feature help you a lot to live your blog,

only you have to write your articles in advance and you have to Schedule it in WordPress. After Scheduling your post in WordPress it will be automatically published on your website on specified date and time. I hope now you understand why to schedule a post in WordPress.

How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

To make it easy, I have created a video tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin that you can watch below.

If you don’t want to watch the video, then continue reading.

After Writing your post you should follow these Steps:-

Step 1:-

Click on the edit button on the top right corner.

Schedule WordPress Post 1

Step 2:-

Now set your publish date and time.

Schedule WordPress Post 2

Step 3:-

Now Click on Schedule button.

Schedule WordPress Post 3

Using above steps you can schedule any post in WordPress. and it will be automatically published on your website on specified date and time.

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