15+ manually tested tips to increase blog traffic

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How to Increase Blog Traffic

I know many bloggers are facing low blog traffic problem. Are you one of them? and want to increase your blog traffic in little time. Then you'll glad to know that you are in right place to learn it. After a deep research, I find 15 best secrets to increase your blog traffic. I assure you that these tips can give you up to 1 Million Page View in 1 Month.

Be ready because I am going to give you some proven tips to get 1 million page view per month. Believe me, I am not kidding. It is possible for you to do this after reading this awesome post. Most of the popular blogs are using this tricks to get huge amount of traffic and you can also be one of them after reading this tricks

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15 Proven Way to Get 1 Million PageView in One Month:-

Many popular blogs are using these 15 proven tips to get more and more page view. You can be one of them after reading these post and these 15 tips are:-

1) Join Facebook Groups

Many Bloggers only make Facebook Fan Page and never join any Facebook Group. Here they are making the biggest mistake in their blogging journey. I'll tell you why should you join Facebook Group?

Do you ever notice that there are many groups in Facebook in which Millions of Member are available. If you share your blog post in Facebook Group in which Millions of member are available then there is a chance that you get at least 50,000 Page View. Therefore, it is the biggest source of getting Millions of PageView.

Join This FB Group to  Share Your Blog Post.

But remember join only those groups which are related to your blog to get thousands of view in your post just after publishing the post in the group.

Ex: - If your blog is about health and fitness then join all the fitness group on FB.

2) Share Each Post Multiple Time In Social Media

I know that many bloggers share their blog article only once in Social Media and then never think to reshare that post again. If you are one of them then there is the possibility that you are not getting too much traffic in your blog. To get more traffic to your blog you have to share your blog post multiple time in social media. But remember don't share your blog post in the short interval.

Ex: - After sharing your blog post 1 st time, reshare it in social media after one hour, then again after 10 hours, then after 10 days, then after 20 days and so on.

3) Use Best Edited Image Thumbnail

Do you ever notice that many readers read your post only because your Post Image attracts them to read it. So, it is also an important factor to attract more people to read your blog post. So, always use the best-edited image for your blog post.

In my upcoming article, I'll show you how I make Beautiful Image Thumbnail for my blog post to attract more people to read my blog articles.

4) Sharing Related Post Link Withing a Post

If you seriously want to increase your blog traffic then you should use your other related post link in your blog post. It is the best way to switch user from one post to another. It is the best way to stay user in your blog for the longer time and attract him to read all your blog post.

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5) Write Guest Post

I think you may hear the word Guest Post. It is the quick way to increase your blog traffic and also it help you a lot to increase your Subscribers list in little time. Is is the best method ever to get the huge amount of traffic.

6) Comment On Other Blogs

It is the easiest way to get the backlink from famous websites. Because you only have to comment on the popular blogs. Whenever anyone clicks on your profile pic in the comment they will be redirected to your blog. For This, you have to specify your blog URL in Website Field which is below comment box. Your can also comment on this website to get Backlink.

Remember don't share your blog URL directly in Comment box otherwise, it will be treated as spam. Specify your blog URL in Website Field which is below comment box.

7) Use POP UP Email Newsletter

As we know Subscribers are the main source of getting the huge amount of traffic because they read all your blog post immediately after you publish it in your blog. So, to get more subscriber you should use POP UP Email Newsletter.

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8) Add Social Share Button

As you can see, I use beautiful share button just below my post heading. It'll help you to get more share of your blog post your users, and it will give you more new users to read your blog post. I'll suggest you use the same plugin which is use by me just below the post heading.

9) Facebook Fan Page

Just after creating a blog you should make a Facebook Fan Page because it is the easiest way to arrange more people to connect with you. whenever you share your blog post on your facebook fans page then it may read by at least 80% of the facebook page Fans. You should also Join Blog Warn Fb Page.

10) Quora

If you want the huge amount of traffic for your blog then Quora is the best place.  In Quora, you just need to find the question related to your blog post and then give the answer to that question and at last line share your blog URL so that whenever anyone read your answer then at last line when he'll see your blog URL then there is a chance that he visit your blog. It will give you at least 30,000+ page view in one month. 

11) Ask Question

This is the best method to get more comment on your blog post. Ask the question in the last line of your article to encourage readers to comment on your post. As the no. of comments increase in your blog post then your search ranking will increase in Search Engine. It means you will receive more traffic from search engine.

12) Write More

Research show that Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh and longer content, so if you want to get more traffic from the search engines, then write longer post. It is the easiest way to get more traffic from search engine.

Remember, Gooogle uses very intelligence system so never try to copy other blog article content otherwise, Google stops indexing your website.

13) Blog Every Day

If you don't upload at least one post every day in your blog then it will cause your blog readers to leave your blog and switch to another blog which can decrease your average blog traffic. So, I suggest you upload at least one cool post every day.

14) Upload Video With Post

This is the best method to attract people to visit your blog again and again. If you upload video at the end of your blog post then people more attract towards your blog and become the regular reader and subscriber to your blog.

15) Try to Improve Your Alexa rank

If you have a good Alexa Rank then there is the possibility that after watching your Alexa Rank more and more readers attract towards your website. This will lead you to give more and more traffic daily. Because good Alexa Rank indicate that your website is very popular and professional. So I suggest you to always focus on improving your Alexa Ranking.

Read this:- 8 Secrets to Improve Your Alexa Ranking within 1 month.

I also use above tips to improve my Alexa ranking which works for me. If you want proof then See my Alexa Rank.

16) Select Proper Heading

Heading plays an important role to get the Huge amount of traffic for your blog. So, always select that heading which attracts people to see your blog post.

Ex: - I list "7 attractive heading format" below which can give you huge amount of traffic for your blog.

These 7 attractive heading formats are:-

  1. 10 fact you don't know about_______ .

  2. 5 Proven way to ________ in 10 days.

  3. 3 Things everyone should know about ______.

  4. 10 most costly _______ Mistakes that can ruin your ______ .

  5. 20 fact you should know about _______.

  6. Is _____ is good for you?

  7. _____ in 3 easy step.

Use it and attract more people to read your blog post

I hope that you unlock above content and see "7 Attractive Heading Formats".
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Now It's Your Turn

These are the best 15 tips I could come up with. But I'm sure I missed something.

What tips could you offer to a new blogger who wants to increase traffic?

Let me know in the comments below. :)

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