100+ Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog Posts

Do you know? Directory submission is one of the most popular off page SEO technique. It not only help you to promote your blog or website but also it help you to get some quality backlink for your website. If you submit your blog to blog directories then it helps you a lot to improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Because SERP depends on no. of quality backlinks of your site.
Many Bloggers are very careless about submitting their blog to blog directories, which affect their SERP. Thus, I suggest all newbie submit their blog to blog directories just after starting your blog. If you do it then, believe me, you can get more targeted traffic form these blog directories.

When you submit your blog to Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Then, Before indexing your blog post in search results it checks for no. of quality backlinks for your website. So, if you want your blog post in 1st page of search result then you have to submit your blog to these blog directories to get backlinks from it. Having top ranking in search result also help you to increase your blog traffic and improve your Alexa rank.

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Why Should We Submit Blog to Blog Directories

There are many reasons for it. Read it to understand what is the advantage of Submit blog to blog directories:-
  1. It helps your to get some quality backlink for your website.
  2. Helps you to Increase your Blog Traffic in little time.
  3. Helps you to Improve your Alexa Ranking.
  4. Gives you Targeted Traffic.
  5. Improve your SERP (Search Engine Result page) i.e your blog post search ranking in search result.

Tips to Easily Submit Blog in 100+ Blog Directory

I know that it is not easy to submit the blog to 100+ blog directories. It takes too much time. So, to avoid this difficulty I want to share my secret to submit the blog to 100+ directories in little time. Just follow these steps to make it easier:-
  1. first, create a Notepad file and copy your all blog URL here.
  2. Now for each URL write its heading and 2-3 line description.
  3. save this notepad file.
  4. open blog directories and now just copy paste URL, title and description in each blog directories.
If you do this then you can easily submit your blog in multiple blog directories in little time. I also use this method to submit my blog post in blog directories quickly.
I'll suggest you create a Notepad file like above before submitting your blog to blog directories.

100+ Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog Posts

These are the top 100 free blog directories to submit your blog post. So, share your blog post in these directories to get the quality backlink and targeted traffic from it.

I hope this article is helpful for you and you submit your blog post in all these directories to get the quality backlink for your site.
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